Practical information

Visiting Olomouc

The closest international airports are listed bellow, however the majority of international visitors arrive at the airport in Prague or in Vienna.

From Prague to Olomouc

The easiest way to get from the Václav Havel Airport Prague to the main train station (Praha, hlavní nádraží), is to take the Airport Express (AE) bus. AE Bus stops right in front of the arrival hall at the airport and terminates at the main train station. The ticket costs CZK 60 and it can be purchased from the bus driver. The timetable can be viewed here. There is also public transportation by bus and metro (details).

Trains are currently the fastest way to get to Olomouc from Prague, because of the ongoing reconstruction of the highway, busses could be quite delayed.

There is an option to choose between the state-run České dráhy (Czech Railways), or private-run RegioJet and Leo Express. However, purchased ticked from one company cannot be used for trains owned by the other two. Price for one-way ticket varies, but it is usually around CZK 200 for economy seating. The journey from Prague to Olomouc takes approximately 2,5 hours (for the Express, IC, EC, and SC trains). Tickets can be purchased online or at the train station.

Timetable and online booking:

From Vienna to Olomouc

There is a direct minibus connection by company Tiger Express (cooperating with Leo Express company), going from the Vienna Airport to Olomouc railway station once a day for (prices vary from CZK 200 to CZK 500). You can book your seat here.

You can also take the RegioJet yellow coach, which goes from the Vienna Airport via Brno to Olomouc main train station (6 times daily). The ticket costs around EUR 17.

We can also recommend express personal transport from/to airport by company Přeprava na letiště that offers comfortable cars for reasonable prices.

Getting to Palacký University, Faculty of Arts

The route from Olomouc Main Train Station or the Olomouc Bus Terminal to Palacký University Olomouc, Faculty of Arts, can be viewed here.

Travelling within Olomouc

There is a dense network of public transportation in Olomouc, which includes busses and trams. Timetable can be viewed here.

Ticket can be purchased from vending machines and tobacco shops. It costs CZK 14, and is valid for 40 minutes during weekdays and 60 minutes during weekends and holidays. Ticket can be also purchased from the bus/tram driver, but the price is CZK 20. There is also an option to buy one-day ticket for CZK 46.

Ticket can be also purchased via mobile phone with Czech number, just by sending text “DPMO” to 902 06 (ticket is valid for 50 minutes during weekdays and 70 minutes during weekdays/holidays and costs CZK 18 plus fee for service provider).

 Ticket offices:

Dining in Olomouc

Dining options in Olomouc can be found here.


Below there is a list of recommended accommodation in Olomouc, divided into three groups regarding the quality of accommodation and prices. All the places are conveniently located near the city center and not far from the faculty building. Rates for single bedroom vary from about 15 EUR per night up to 150 EUR.

Room availability and rates can be checked here.

Luxury category (60 – 150 EUR)

Standard category (25 – 60 EUR)

Low budget (10 – 25 EUR)


You can use this map to see the exact location of your hotel.



Czech Republic is part of Schengen. Visitors from outside Europe (e.g. from China) need to apply for a visa.


The Czech crown (koruna, CZK or Kč) is the official currency in the Czech Republic. The approximate exchange rate (as of September 13, 2018) is 25,72 CZK to a Euro and 22,21 CZK to a US Dollar.

10 0,39 0,45
100 3,89 4,50
500 19,44 22,51
1000 38,89 45,02
2000 77,76 90,05

 Banks (map) & ATMS (map)

Currency Exchange

  • MIFIN s.r.o., Galerie Moritz, 8. května 465/24, 77900 Olomouc (open daily: 8:30–19:00, Sunday 9:00–19:00)
  • TOURIST CENTRUM, s.r.o., Horní náměstí 409/26, 77900 Olomouc (working days: 8:00–18:00, Saturday 8:00–12:00)
  • TOURIST CENTRUM, s.r.o., Galerie Šantovka, Polská 1, 779 00 Olomouc (open daily: 9:00–21:00)
  • H. P.WORLD, s.r.o., Riegrova 11, 772 00 Olomouc, (open only working days: 8:30–18:00, Saturday: 8:30–12:00)
  • At Olomouc main train station, Jeremenkova 23, 779 00 Olomouc (open daily: 00:00–03:00, 03:15–05:30, 06:20–11:00, 11:30–16:00, 16:15–17:20, 18:20–23:20, 23:50–24:00)

Information Centres

  • Palacký University Information Centre & Shop– UPoint

Dům U Černého psa, Horní náměstí 205/12, 779 00 Olomouc, open only working days: 9:00–18:00, (+420) 733 690 738, upoint@upol.cz, https://upoint.upol.cz/en/

  • Olomouc City Information Centre

Horní náměstí (Upper Square), Town Hall’s archway, 779 11 Olomouc, open daily 9:00–19:00, (+420) 585 513 385 or 392, infocentrum@olomouc.eu, http://tourism.olomouc.eu/tourism/information-centre/en

A wide range of souvenirs is on sale at the Information Centre. There are plenty to choose from, whether it is a small token of your visit or a travel souvenir for your loved ones.

  • Olomoucké tvarůžky (smelly cheese) vending machine
  • original commemorative coins, which you can mint by yourself
  • model of the Holy Trinity Column
  • dolls in traditional costumes of the Haná region
  • glass and ceramic souvenirs: plates and cups with motives of the Town Hall and the Holy Hill, bells, thimbles, tumblers, etc.
  • printed materials: books, publications, guides, maps, calendars, picture books, postcards, etc.
  • DVDs: Olomouc in the spiral of time, UNESCO Monuments, Czech Republic

Shopping in the city centre

Shopping in large shopping centres is becoming ever more popular. In Olomouc, you can enjoy comfortable shopping in the charming town centre as well. On the Upper Square and its vicinity you will find shops offering traditional Czech products, quality food and modern clothing of famous brands. The varied range of goods and beautiful environment will surely satisfy you. Should you get tired from the shopping, you can relax at numerous cafes in the Olomouc town centre. Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee with a view of the historic treasures.

  • Galerie Moritz, 8. května 24, Olomouc (city centre, galeriemoritz.cz)
  • Galerie Šantovka, Polská 1, Olomouc (city centre, galeriesantovka.cz)
  • Obchodní centrum Haná, Kafkova 8, Olomouc (tram no. 1, 4, 6, bus no. 16, ochana.cz)
  • Olomouc City, Pražská 255/41, Olomouc (bus no. 27, mojecity.cz)
  • Olympia Olomouc, Olomoucká 90, Velký Týnec (free bus no. 60, www.olympiaolomouc.cz)

Mobile phones

Czech mobile phone operators use both of the two standard European GSM bands, 1800 and 900 MHz. All European mobile phones will work without problems but visitors from the US may need a tri-band phone. The country calling code for the Czech Republic is +420. Major operators: Vodafone, Telefónica O2, T-Mobile.


Czech sockets are standard European sockets CEE 7/5, with a voltage of 230 V/50Hz. All visitors coming from countries using appliances/plugs that do not work with such sockets/ voltages (e.g. USA, UK) are advised to bring adapters.


What else?
For more information and tips, check our brochure guide Life in Olomouc.

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