František Kratochvíl, MA, Ph.D

Dialogue Unit 1 “Not our fault, but our fault-lines”: Languages on the Taiwan fault-line
Dialogue Unit 2 Cultural encounters between China and the borders
Dialogue Unit 6 Uyghur studies in Central Asia: between Turkology and Chinese studies

Mgr. Ondřej Kučera, Ph.D.

Dialogue Unit 3 Aesthetic Sovereignty along the Russian Chinese Border — case studies in the material culture of the Altai and Ussurii regions
Dialogue Unit 10 Regimes of Taste: the Rise of China, Architecture and Aesthetics of Development in Central Asia
Meta-Unit 2 Linguistics and literature
Meta-Unit 3 Material Culture

doc. PhDr. Martin Soukup Ph.D.

Dialogue Unit 4 Chinese Peasants in Russia’s Far East
Dialogue Unit 5 Uzbekistani Perceptions of the Chinese Presence
Dialogue Unit 9 The American Dream, the Chinese Dream, Religious Paradises or traditional values? Tracing the Public in the Private in Philippine Communities
Meta-Unit 1 Surveys and methods of social anthropology

Mag. Dr. Alfred Gerstl, MIR

Dialogue Unit 7 The Influence of Foreign NGO Law and Charity Law on NGOs in China
Dialogue Unit 8 One Belt and One Road Initiative in Southeast Asia: the Sino-Vietnamese Relations
Dialogue Unit 11 One belt one road politics in Central Asia


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