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DIALOGE UNIT 2: Cultural Encounters Between China and the Borders


The proposed project contributes to the research on Sinophone literatures, focusing in particular on Chinese-medium literature by ethnic Tibetan writers. This project takes as its object of study the Sinophone Tibetan literature emerging in the PRC during the second half of the twentieth century, which will be examined in the broader context of the so-called “minor literature”.

Due to the specific geographical, cultural, historical and social conditions, which led to Tibet’s isolation in the past, literature in the modern sense has not emerged in Tibet until the second half of the twentieth century or even after the Cultural Revolution (1976). The first works of modern literature in Tibet, with very few exceptions, evolved under direct Chinese influence. From the very beginning, works written in the Chinese language (instead of Tibetan) played a very significant role. The first official literary institutions in Tibetan areas (such as the Tibetan Writer’s Association [Xizang zuojia xiehui] or the Tibetan Cultural Federation [Xizang wenlian]) were established only after the end of the Cultural Revolution. This was also the case with the first literary journals, those publishing works in Chinese and those publishing works in Tibetan.

The project focuses on theoretical aspects and related academic and literary discourse within the PRC. The aim of this project is to analyse in detail various aspects of the objective fact that (in a certain sense) “Tibetan literature is Chinese and Chinese literature is Tibetan”. Within this Dialogue Unit, the Sinophone Tibetan literature will be discussed within the broader context of modern Tibetan literature, that is, in relation to the Tibetophone literature.

Prof. Allen Chun
Dr.Mgr. Iveta Nakládalová
Mgr. Kamila Hladíková, Ph.D.
Mgr. Ivona Barešová Ph.D.


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