META-UNIT 1: Surveys and Methods of Social Anthropology


Given China´s rise and its political, economic and military clout, we are a  witness to growing interest on the part of ordinary citizens in Southeast Asian countries in developments in China. China-related topics (especially its economic investments as well as its activities in the South China Sea) dominate Southeast Asian agendas and television programmes and the press. In addition, there is an immense body of literature assessing China´s rise in the realm of IR theories. There is still, however, a lack of evidence as to how ordinary citizens of Southeast Asia perceive China and its growing presence in the region. Therefore, the objective of this research unit would be to enrich regular desk research by conducting a series of surveys to see how people in several areas of research perceive China.

The researchers from this meta unit envisage employing local polling, social science and market research companies in the countries concerned, which will help to reach out to the greatest number of people possible.

Local scholars, consultants and experts will be employed in the subsequent coding, indexing and verification process. The collected results will then be published and should supplement the desk research carried out by the dialogue units already mentioned. In addition, the collected data will be then organized in order to create reliable access to all data and a materials database for students and scholars dealing with international relations, China´s foreign policy, soft power as well as multiple regions of Asia, so that they may be used for orientation, as well as for secondary analysis for subsequent research.

doc. PhDr. Martin Soukup Ph.D.
Prof. Allen Chun
Mag. Dr. Alfred Gerstl, MIR
Dr. Natalia Ryzhova
PhDr. Daniel Topinka Ph.D.
Mgr. Jakub Havlíček, Ph.D.


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