Guest lectures

  • Introduction

    Over the course of the project realization our members of project research team are going to improve their professional qualifications within the Trainee centre.

  • Aim and schedule

    The main purpose of the Trainee centre is to invite various outstanding researchers from all over the world in order to provide our members of project research team with trainings in a respective field of study related to the individual dialogue units and meta units. The overview of arrivals of our guests is available within the TIMESCHEDULE PLANNED OF EVENTS which is regularly updated calendar.

  • Location

    Nowadays, the Trainee centre is located in the building at Vodární Street No. 6, Olomouc (third floor, room no. 3.40). However, after the planned reconstruction and completion of the project infrastructure, the Trainee Centre is going to be established at tř. Svobody Street No. 26, Olomouc.

Who is going to visit us?

Check out our planned event ↓

ONLINE GUEST LECTURE by GIANLUIGI NEGRO: Media and Nation building in China

GUEST LECTURE Dr. GIANLUIGI NEGRO Media and Nation building in China Date & Time 07.12. 2022   5 PM, CET Location ONLINE GUEST LECTURE : & Trainee centre 2.40 Abstract The study of the media in China is a subject of increasing interest and debate among several disciplines, from media to international relations studies. Indeed, the use of new and powerful technologies in the media has contributed to revolutionizing the world of Chinese communication. The…

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GUEST LECTURE BY MARCO FUMIAN:Genealogies of Literary Forms and the “Limits” of Realism in Contemporary China

GUEST LECTURE MARCO FUMIAN Genealogies of Literary Forms and the “Limits” of Realism in Contemporary China Date & Time 05.12. 2022 09 AM, CET Location Trainee centre 2.40, Tř. Svobody 686/26 Abstract This presentation aims to (re-)explore the ways in which the main Chinese literary movements of the Post-Mao Era reconstructed the uneasy relationship between reality and form, carving up some acceptable spaces of representation by means of a strategic work of formal restructuring. In…

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GUEST LECTURE NAMES AND GENDER DR. JANE PILCHER & DR. GIANCARLA UNSER-SCHUTZ Date & Time 19 – 20 October 2022 Location Trainee Centre 2.40, Tř. Svobody Olomouc Abstract The purpose of this workshop is to: 1) exchange ideas about current trends in naming practices with respect to gender, clarify terminology and other related issues,  and  2) discuss collaboration on an organization of a workshop and a special issue of a journal dealing with this theme.…

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Would you like to know who has visited us so far?

Check out our overview of previous seminars and trainings carried out within our Trainee centre ↓


GUEST LECTURE THE JAVANESE KERIS. A LEGENDARY WEAPON AND POWERFUL OBJECT by Prof. EDWIN WIERINGA Date & Time 17.06.2022, 10:00 AM (CEST) Location Trainee centre 2.40, Tř. Svobody 686/26, Olomouc & ONLINE via ZOOM (meeting ID: 916 1229 4249) Abstract This presentation will address the Javanese keris or kris, which is a traditional dagger, best known for its distinctive wavy blade. It is both a weapon and extraordinary object, considered to have magical powers.…

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GUEST LECTURE BRANCHING INTO HERITAGE THE GENESIS OF THE ANNE FRANK TREE AND ITS MULTIPLICATIONS by Prof. IRENE STENGS Date & Time 02.05.2022, 3:30 PM (CEST) Location Trainee centre 2.40, Tř. Svobody 686/26, Olomouc & ONLINE via ZOOM:  Abstract This presentation will address the genesis and multiplication of the so-called ‘Anne Frank Tree’, the horse chestnut tree behind the Secret Annex that Anne Frank wrote about in her diary. Fungus-infected, the tree fell in…

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GUEST LECTURE TASTE IN THE MAKING / COOKING AT THE CORE: CUISINE AS PRACTICAL REGIME / SOCIAL FORMATION by Prof. Allen Chun Date & Time 20.04. 2022, 2:00 PM Location Trainee centre 2.40 & Online via ZOOM: Abstract In Marilyn Strathern’s classic monograph, Kinship at the Core, she argued that the core of the English village had less to do with “real” kin structure than with the peculiarity of the village as a cultural…

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Instructions for guests

First of all, let us provide you with information about the general procedure that takes place upon your arrival to Olomouc.

All the useful information can be found here.


• travel expenses primarily used for international experts and supervisors
• used to cover all costs of accommodation, meal allowance, and travel expenses within the Czech Republic
• based on valid rates of European Union published on the European Committee webpage:
• the current daily rate is 230 EUR per day. It must not be exceeded, with the international expert´s consent it may be decreased.
• the amount is liable to compulsory income taxation accoriding to the rules and regulations of the international expert´s country of taxation residency
• are used for short-term hosting of international specialists, comming to train the project workers through individual cunsultations and giving lectures at the Trainee centre
•the daily working time excluding the day of arrival and the day of departure should be at least 6 hours a day, documented by a written record (reports, attendance sheets, of the trainings, training drafts, presentations…)
• per diems are not to be alloted to the international expert for days when no activites related to the project are carried out (e. g. weekend days)
• are only available to imternational experts who have not signed any legally binding contractual relationship compliing the Czech legislation with Palacký University as one of the contract parties.
• if the length of the expert´s stay cannont be stated in whole days the length of the stay observes hours (rounded to whole numbes)
•the international expert is paid a flight ticket or a ticket to the Czech Republic and back to his country, all other travelling expenses in his home country and within the Czech Republic mus be paid by the epert himself (using his per diems)

• receives an invitation together with this manual
•if the invited guest needs a letter of invitation (for visa ) please contact Tereza Motalová (
• upon consultation reports to Tereza Motalová the date of arrival and departure (at least 30 days before arrival to ensure timely booking of the flight ticket)
• the expert provides Tereza Motalová detailed information on the agenda (the recipients of the training, the lecture topic, the topics offered for consultation, his field of expertise) as well as his personal details – at least 30 days in advance cf. the Per Diems Questionnaire
• the expert subsequently receives detailed information on the working program in the Czech Republic to his e-mail address
• should the international expert need assistance for finding accommodation (which he pays for on his own using per diems), he is suposed to contact Tereza Motalová
• the complete agenda related to the attendance of the international expert to the event in question will be provided by Palacký University
• Upon arrival the guest signs all the documents ready at the project administrator, the contact site is at Faculty of Arts, Vodární 6
• subsequently per diems will be paid t in cash with the assistance of the project administrator.
• a suitable train connection form the airport to Olomouc wil be recommended and the guest will be collected at the train station by a project worker who wil be ready to assist during the first moments in Olomouc the project worker will show the guest round the town and help him find his way to the hotel and to the project office.

• to provide the flight tickets it is necessary to provide the following information as soon as possible via e-mail:
• given name(s) , surname and the date of birth of the international expert as stated in his passport
• the type of means of transportation
•preferred date of arrival/ departure
• the destination and possibliy other specific requirements (departure time, luggage)
• the international expert is sent information about a booked flight to his e-mail. He is kindly asked to check the details of the flight as well as double check his personal data. Please respond to this e-mail without delay as the flight ticket pricing may change within hours!
•the flight tickets will be covered by insurance in case of storno for health issues. Plese report all possible complications to Tereza Motalová as soon as possible.
• the international expert will receive an electronic flight ticket via email
• the international expert is responsible for his check-in procedure, if needed Tereza Motalová may be asked for the necessary assistance
• the international expert agrees to provide personal data for the needs of documentation of his attendance at the events organized by Palacký University (e.g. an invitation, photographs, program, attendance sheets, sworn statement)