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ONLINE GUEST LECTURE by GIANLUIGI NEGRO: Media and Nation building in China

GUEST LECTURE Dr. GIANLUIGI NEGRO Media and Nation building in China Date & Time 07.12. 2022   5 PM, CET Location ONLINE GUEST LECTURE : https://cesnet.zoom.us/j/98143283694 & Trainee centre 2.40 Abstract The study of the media in China is a subject of increasing interest and debate among several disciplines, from media to international relations studies. Indeed, the use of new and powerful technologies in the media has contributed to revolutionizing the world of Chinese communication. The…

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GUEST LECTURE BY MARCO FUMIAN:Genealogies of Literary Forms and the “Limits” of Realism in Contemporary China

GUEST LECTURE MARCO FUMIAN Genealogies of Literary Forms and the “Limits” of Realism in Contemporary China Date & Time 05.12. 2022 09 AM, CET Location Trainee centre 2.40, Tř. Svobody 686/26 Abstract This presentation aims to (re-)explore the ways in which the main Chinese literary movements of the Post-Mao Era reconstructed the uneasy relationship between reality and form, carving up some acceptable spaces of representation by means of a strategic work of formal restructuring. In…

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GUEST LECTURE NAMES AND GENDER DR. JANE PILCHER & DR. GIANCARLA UNSER-SCHUTZ Date & Time 19 – 20 October 2022 Location Trainee Centre 2.40, Tř. Svobody Olomouc Abstract The purpose of this workshop is to: 1) exchange ideas about current trends in naming practices with respect to gender, clarify terminology and other related issues,  and  2) discuss collaboration on an organization of a workshop and a special issue of a journal dealing with this theme.…

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