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Online lecture by Mukaddas Mijit

GUEST LECTURE Uyghur stage performance: From Sanahi Nafis the reformist artistic troupes to Intangible Cultural Heritage (UNESCO) by Mukaddas Mijit Date 15. 7. 2020 10 AM Location Trainee centre ONLINE on ZOOM Join Zoom meeting HERE Abstract Uyghur musical art, particularly through its large ensembles of traditional songs and dances, is today mainly performed on professional stages. Broadcast live on television and subsequently shared on the internet, these artistic representations symbolize Uyghur cultural identity. The On…

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Lectures by Libor Dušek

Guest lecture Leactures by Libor Dušek Date Postponed to autumn Location Trainee centre 3.40, Vodární 6, Olomouc Program MONDAY Methodology I: Experience of own field research in Central Asia: 2005-2018 TUESDAY Kyrgyzstan vs. Tajikistan: Comparison of Turkic and Persian culture in post-soviet Central AsiaMethodology II: Security risks in field research in High Asia WEDNESDAY Three faces of Wakhan: Transformations of the traditional way of life of highlanders living on the territory of Afghanistan, Tajikistan and…

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