František Kratochvíl, MA. Ph.D.

František Kratochvíl, MA. PH.D. currently works as the head of the Department of Asian Studies at Palacky University. Previously, he spent 19 years abroad — first studying in the Netherlands, then working as an academic at universities in Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

As a linguist he is convinced that language is a gateway to human thinking and culture, and wants to pass on this knowledge in an understandable way.

He is engaged in the study of undescribed languages from Indonesia and South China. These languages do not have a written form, and their culture is passed down by word of mouth.

In his research field he focuses on the structure of language and its transformations through time and space, depending on current societal affairs. The biggest part of his research is related to the Papuan Abui tribe, in East Indonesia, with whom he lived for several years. He likes reading books, especially comics, and only occasionally asks himself whether he should have another hobby.

He can express himself on cross-societal topics and comment on:

  • Southeast Asia: the past and the present – he lived in Southeast Asia for almost 10 years and is familiar with its history, as well as its current political and societal situtation, mainly in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and East Timor;
  • Minority policy, literacy and health – he has been dealing with the issue of literacy, access to information, and healthcare for a long time. He has also been involved in research focused on malaria, its perception, and treatment;
  • Colonialism and neocolonialism in Asia – .both integration processes and externalities has been shaping Southeast Asia for thousands of years. Understanding these processes helps to understand current societies in Southeast Asia and their relation to China, India and the western World.

Curriculum vitae

07/2018–present: Management Board Member & Key Researcher: Sinophone Borderlands — Interactions at the Edges

10/2017–present: Head of the Department of Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts, Palacky University

2010–2017: Assistant Professor in Linguistics, Division of Linguistics and Multilingual Studies, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

10 / 2015–12 / 2015: Fellow, Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies

2009–2010: Lecturer, Department of English Language and Literature, Hong Kong Baptist University

2007–2009: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Research Center for Linguistic Typology, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia

2002–2006: PhD student, Leiden University Center for Linguisitcs & Center for Non-Western Studies, Leiden University, The Netherlands

1998–2002: MA Dutch, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

1995–1998: Czech Studies and Dutch Philology, Charles University, Prague (study incomplete)