Doc. PhDr. Martin Soukup, Ph.D.

Project position: Excellent researcher
Discipline: Cultural and social anthropology
Research field(s): Culture change, geographical space, visuality, religion
Area(s) of study: Papua New Guinea (Morobe province, East Sepik), Philippines (Kalinga province), India (North India), Micronesia, Taiwan

Doc. PhDr. Martin Soukup, Ph.D. is a Czech cultural anthropologist and is currently working at Palacky University in Olomouc at the Department of Asian studies. At the same time, he is also working at Charles University in Prague at the Faculty of Social Sciences. He primarily focuses on history, and methodology and theory of anthropology. Martin Soukup is also particularly interested in cultures of Melanesia. He has been conducting anthropological research in Papua New Guinea since 2009 and his fieldwork has been done among the Nungon people of the Saruwaged Range (in Morobe Province). He is also a laureate of The Neuron Award for Promising Young Scientists which he obtained in 2017.

In his research he focuses on the study of culture change and culture contact with special attention to China’s influence in both rural and urban areas of Papua New Guinea. His second topic is related to a broader field called anthropology of body. In the framework of the project he began fieldwork focused on tattooing tradition in the Philippines (Kalinga Province). The last topic of his research is closely related to the study of diffusion of elements of the culture in Melanesia from different culture areas and regions.

He can express herself on cross-societal topics and comment on:

  • Cultural anthropology — history, methodology, and theory of anthropology. Culture change, culture contact, anthropology of body, diffusion of culture elements;
  • Papua New Guinea: anthropological research related to the Nungon people of the Saruwaged Range in Morobe Province;
  • The Philippines: tattooing tradition in Kalinga Province;
  • China’s influence in rural and urban areas of Papua New Guinea: culture change and culture contact.


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