Within the framework of this project three laboratories are going to be established within the building located at tř. Svobody No. 26. The laboratories are planned to be fully functional in 2020 and they will become an excellent research basement for linguistic specialists, specialists on surveys and social sciences as well as specialized workplace for surveys on material culture (storage rooms, laboratory for material analyze).

The laboratories which are planned to be established are as follows:

  • Language laboratory and studio

    High-quality speech and sound recording within the Sinophone Borderlands Project is supported by its Phonetics Laboratory & Studio. Its main purpose is to facilitate recording of high-quality speech for phonetic analysis and high quality narratives, conversation, poetry, songs, other oral art production or music for documentary purpose. The laboratory is equipped to serve this purpose both in the laboratory site as well as in the field conditions. The laboratory consists of a large room with inbuilt sound-proof recording booth. The main room holds the storage capacity for the equipment and the recording controls. The main room holds also a computer and back-up utility.

    The laboratory has a double function, serving both as a research and as a training facility. It is available to all Dialogue Units and upon agreement also to the students of linguistics and other departments working on speech.

  • Laboratory for Data & Technology

    The laboratory for Data and Technology equips the humanities work of the project members with necessary analytic tools based on computing power of soft- and hardware. Such technologies as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and their application in data processing and visualization, play one of a central role as well as the modelling and creation of databases for the later storage of data collected in the project. Standardization is an important aspect of this work in point of view of making the data available to the researchers worldwide.

    Establishment of the laboratory is crucial duet to collecting and processing huge data, concerning surveys in various countries that are neighboring with China (Vietnam, Laos, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia), as well as within China itself (DU 2, 7, 8, 11). It will be intensely used by te Meta Unit 1 that prepares and analyses surveys and data on demography. It will be also used by all Dialogue Units that care for material culture and architecture (DU 3, 5, 6, 9, 10) which can process 3 D scans, print out 3D models, or create virtual urban space and landscape. Special work stations, printers and data fields for data storage will fit the needs of various Dialogue Units and Meta Units mentioned above.