Postgraduate studies

The Department of Asian Studies and the excellent research project Sinophone Borderlands – Interaction at the Edges offer the possibility of postgraduate studies.

The doctoral study program is focused on scientific research and independent creative activity in the field of research or development. Study in the doctoral program is carried out according to an individual study plan under the guidance of a supervisor.

Those interested in studying within the Sinophone Borderlands project can apply for the following research topics:

1. Uyghur intellectuals in Xinjiang in the 2000-2010s and some central debates
2. Uyghur traders in Kyrgyzstan 1991-2020

3. Cultural anthropology of Vietnamese society, Vietnamese literature and Vietnamese sociology, or Vietnamese political philosophy and Vietnamese migration studies

4. Bringing Taiwan’s legal system in line with international human rights law: abolishing capital punishment
5. Understanding the significance and implications of the 2020 elections in Myanmar’s transition from military rule
6. Politics of Repatriating Stateless people: Myanmar-Bangladesh relations in light of the Rohingya genocide
7. Refugee law and policy in East Asia

8. Chinese linguistics
9. Dialectal variation in Chinese
10. Verbal art and language learning / teaching

11. Environmental changes in North Asian borderlands, including digital and other innovations in farmings, digital trade in agricultural products or seeds
12. Cross-border trade in North Asia in medical herbs and wild animals

13. Chinese media
14. Audience research or perception of media content
15. Research on Japanese culture and manga
16. Minority communities living in the Czech Republic (Asian); (and the media they consume). Differences between generations (second, third, etc.) of minority communities living in the Czech Republic.

17. Civil society in China
18. Chinese media
19. The social credit system in China

20. Perceptions of Global China
21. Domestic drivers of Chinese foreign policy
22. China’s relations with the developing world

23. Intangible Heritage as Meta-Communication: An Ethnographic. Study of Jamdani the Intangible heritage of Bangladesh.

In case of questions related to individual topics, please contact the supervisor directly.

In case of questions concerning the admission procedure to the PhD program, please contact:
Ms. Agnes Hausknotzová | | +420 858 633 013).

Deadline for registration for doctoral studies and submission of mandatory attachments – April 30, 2020.

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