MSCA - Postdoctoral Fellowships


Sinophone Borderlands project (SINOPHONE) is SEEKING TALENTED AND AMBITIOUS POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHERS to jointly submit proposals for the European Marie Sklodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships MSCA-PF

Who are we searching for?

Potential candidates must hold a doctoral degree that was defended no longer than 6 years prior 15. September 2021. The postdoctoral fellows must receive a doctorate no later than in the day of the deadline for submission. More details about the eligibility can be found at Marie Sklodowska-Curie dedicated website and in MSCA Work Programme 2021 – 2027.


a) Chinese Linguistics (in particular dialectal studies and Cantonese syntax)
b) International perceptions/images/attitudes towards China, Chinese soft power, Chinese public diplomacy
c) China’s relations with developing countries (especially in Africa and Latin America, and potentially other areas)
d) Catholic missions in China (late Ming and early Qing dynasties, the Jesuits and the mendicant orders); Early Modern perception of China in Europe
e) Recent environmental changes in borderland regions adjoining to China
f) Material culture lab
g)Resource development for endangered (low-resource) languages

What we offer?

  • Online three-months (1 session/week) project support training (From May until July), where we will teach you how to prepare a quality project application
  • Supervisors (not only) for the areas mentioned above
  • Individual consultations

How to apply?

Submit the application including your CV and a separate list of five most important publications from the last five years to: 

Letters of recommendation will be requested for the second selection round. The candidate screening will commence immediately. 

See more on official webside


04/05/2021   Introduction: Scope of the call; The fellows ambition, carreer path,
choosing suitable hosting institution, long term career benefits, terminology, proposal forms

11/05/2021  CV of the experienced researcher, independed thinking, leadership
qualities, academic achievements

18/05/2021  Excellence: Credibility of research, state of art, previous results specification, strategic documents and proffesional maturity, novelty, originality,
methodology, clear objectives, project summary and title

25/05/2021 Check-lists: Does the proposal contain all required information? When and why should one use various check-lists?

01/06/2020 Project implementation and key performance indicators, coherence and efectiveness of the workplan, milestones and deliverables, appropriate-
ness of the institutional environment, formatting and visualisation: gantt charts, figures, schemes

08/06/2021 Guests from MSCA evaluators panel, evaluation criteria in praxis

15/05/2021 Impact: Quality and clarity of transfer of knowledge / or training; 2way
TOK, exploitation, dissemination and communication of results, the pro-
posed measures, open data: data management plan, suistainibility, collaboration of business and market perspectives

22/06/2021 Guests – MSCA holders

29/06/2021 Supervision, quality of hosting arrengements, risk management and

06/07/2021 Guests (NCP) from Technological agency with last tips and hints

13/07/2021 The European dimension, the crosscutting issues: gender aspects, interdiciplinary aspects, ethics etc.

20/07/2021 Final analysis of our internal blind review of proposals – suggestions for improvement

03/08/2021 Orientation in participant portal, process of project submission