Vladimir S. Oskolkov: In search of the grave of Chingiz Khan


4. 12. 2019 11:30


Room 1.47, Křížkovského 10, Olomouc


The personality of Genghis Khan is surrounded by many legends. Legends accompanied him from birth to death. Some of these legends were created among the advisers of the Mongol khans and were intended to exalt and deify the personality of the founder of the Mongol empire. Some authors of some of them are the folk. Undoubtedly, the legends were not created from scratch, most often they absorbed well-known motifs and plots. It is curious that the parallels of legends associated with Genghis Khan can be found in European legends.
Vladimir Oskolkov believes that information about the birth and burial of Genghis Khan is reflected in the Kyrgyz epos “Manas”. In his talk he will analyze the news of Genghis Khan and the epic “Manas”. And also try to determine the approximate burial place of Genghis Khan.


Vladimir Oskolkov is a professor at the University of Almaty and a historian in Kazakhstan. His research is amongst other things devoted to regional history around his hometown Ridder, West Altai. This part of the Altai was long time abandoned by the nomads either from the naiman tribe, that used to settle here and by the Altai nomads, that live nearby. After 400 years of silence Russian settlers came here in the search for white waters (belye vody), their understanding of the paradise on earth. This was the starting point of Vladimir search for the reasons, why a paradise could be empty?