Meet the team

Mgr. Koreshkova Yulia

Project position

Junior researcher

Reading group

Material culture and cultural anthropology

Research field(s)

Chinese agriculture abroad; Chinese tourism.


Mgr. Koreshkova Yulia graduated from the Moscow State Linguistic University with a master degree in Foreign Regional Studies, profile “Regional Studies and Ethnology of the Far East Countries”, defended her master’s thesis on “The Culture of Public Administration of Ancient China in the Dohan Period”. In 2007, completed a language internship at Beijing Pedagogical University, Beijing, China. 2010-2012, she completed an internship at North-East Pedagogical University, Changchun, China in the field of “International Education (Chinese)”. 2010-2011 she received a one-year grant from the Confucius Institute of ISU at the Tianjin Institute of Foreign Languages, Tianjin, China. Mgr. Koreshkova repeatedly took advanced training courses for teachers of the Chinese language at the Confucius Institute of the ISU (Irkutsk). She currently studies a PhD programme at the Faculty of History, Irkutsk State University.