Asio Liu: PLACE OF EXCEPTION: Penghu Vietnamese Refugee Camps in the Taiwan Strait


29. 10. 2019 15:00


Class 203, Vodární 6, Olomouc


The boat people who came to Taiwan in 70s and 80s created the oldest strata of Vietnamese diaspora in Taiwan. Trough the narrations of the refugees, the documentary movie is depicting the lives, fates and sufferings of the Vietnamese boat people who finally settled in Taiwan. Between 1979-1988, some of 2000 boat people were gathered in two Penghu refugee camps, but nowadays, those people are completely forgotten by the history. Those people were even ton listed in official United Nation record of refugee rescue. The project situates the Vietnamese and Vietnamese Chinese refugees into a broader historical context of the late phases of the Cold War and shows that the place of exception is not only the camp itself, but the whole journey of an individual, or a group of people, who create their own spaces in a very different socio-political spaces and in this way transplanted their whole lives into exceptional places a spaces.


Asio Liu Chihsiung ( was born beside Tamsui River in Taiwan and now works as a DP‭/ ‬director/screenwriter‭ ‬in his production company, MIMEO FILMS Ltd. (Taipei). ‬He majored in philosophy in NCCU (National Cheng Chi University) and was a copywriter in Ogilvy & Mather advertising company‭. He is best known for directing a biographical documentary on HUANG HAI-DAI, the legendary godfather of Taiwanese Puppetry born in 1901, for Discovery Networks Asia’s PORTRAITS TAIWAN (2007) series.