Bill Hayton: The Recent Developments in the South China Sea


18. 9. 2019 10:00


Trainee centre 3.40, Vodární 6, Olomouc


Confrontation has returned to the South China Sea. In the past few months there have been clashes between Chinese vessels and those of Vietnam and Malaysia over rights to offshore gas fields. The Philippines has backed away from confrontation and left its offshore resources untapped. In all three countries, China’s actions pose a threat to energy security and government budgets. What can European states do to deter conflict and ensure adherence to international rules?


Bill Hayton is an Associate Fellow with the Asia-Pacific Programme at Chatham House, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a full-time journalist with BBC News in London. In 2006/7 he was the BBC’s reporter in Vietnam and in 2013 he spent a year advising the Myanmar state broadcaster on media reform. He is the author of Vietnam: rising dragon (Yale, 2010), The South China Sea: the struggle for power in Asia (Yale, 2014) and ‘The invention of China (Yale, 2020 – forthcoming). He writes about political and regional developments in Southeast Asia and recently received his PhD from the University of Cambridge.