Jeanne Marie Stumpf-Carome: Ethnography: The Risky Business of Documenting Repression


May 29, 2019, 10:00-11:30


Trainee Center, 3.40, Vodární 6


Fieldwork, even in the best of “democratic” environments, can have data management and security snares.  Ethnography pursued in settings with legislative conditions, such as an Internal Security Act and/or post 9/11 a Patriot Act, holds hazards¾not unlike a Chinese Finger Puzzle.  Charged to “Tell it like it is” by Singaporeans without a “voice” this is the first public discussion of my Singapore research.  Based on the advice of two Singaporean exiles residing in the United States at the time, C.V. Devan Nair, former President of Singapore, and Francis T. Seow former Solicitor General of Singapore, this Fulbright scholarship, “Singapore’s Developmental Discourse:  An Ethnographic Consideration of the Style and Substance of Nation Building,” has been sequestered since 1992.  Explored are the nuances of ethnography under such conditions in Singapore from July 1988 through August 1989, and in May/June 1990, continuing from far afield to the present day.