Current state of investment and problems of investment in Vietnam by Hoang Duong Vu

Date & Time

8. 10. 2020 14:00 PM


Trainee Centre Online via Zoom


From 1986, Vietnam has started transforming into the socialist-oriented market economy and achieved a significant economic improvement. Vietnam is a transition economy that has an impressive GDP growth rate of more than 5% from 2009 to 2018. It couples with locational advantages that make Vietnam a good destination for foreign investors. However, if Vietnam cannot take full advantage of foreign investors, the market can be dominated by foreign counterparts and Vietnam can be stuck at the low-middle income trap for a long time. My presentation will briefly introduce the attractive factors which make Vietnam a good place for investors. Then, I will explain the main problems with foreign investment at the macro level and the firm level.


My name is Vu Hoang Duong. I have an MSc degree in economics from Leeds University Business School and a Ph.D. degree in management and economics from Tomas Bata University in Zlin. I have been a researcher at the Vietnam Institute of Economics, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences from 2009. At this position, I have had good chances to take part in several projects at the organizational level, ministry level, and state-level in Vietnam. My strength is quantitative studies and my major topics are foreign direct investment (FDI), poverty, and political participation.