Tuong Vu: Rethinking War and Revolution in Vietnam


June 19, 2019, 10:00-11:00


Trainee Center, 3.40, Vodární 6


This talk presents Tuong Vu’s arguments in his latest book titled Vietnam’s Communist Revolution: The Power and Limits of Ideology. This book focuses on the evolving worldview of Vietnamese revolutionaries over 80 years as they led Vietnam through wars, social revolution, and peaceful development. Vu’s findings show the depth and resilience of their commitment to the communist utopia in their foreign policy. The book challenges conventional scholarship and the popular image of the Vietnamese revolution and the Vietnam War as being driven solely by patriotic inspirations.


Tuong Vu is professor of Political Science and director of Asian Studies at the University of Oregon, USA. He has held visiting appointments at Princeton University and National University of Singapore and taught at the Naval Postgraduate School. Vu is the author or editor of four books, including Vietnam’s Communist Revolution: The Power and Limits of Ideology (Cambridge, 2017), Paths to Development in Asia: South Korea, Vietnam, China, and Indonesia (Cambridge, 2010), Dynamics of the Cold War in Asia: Ideology, Identity, and Culture (Palgrave, 2009), and Southeast Asia in Political Science: Theory, Region, and Qualitative Analysis (Stanford, 2008). He has also authored numerous articles on the politics of nationalism and state-building in East and Southeast Asia. Currently he is working on two projects: one on the relationship between revolutionary states and international politics, and the other on the historical processes of imperial and state formations in East Asia.