Shogo Suzuki: Will the AIIB trigger off a ‘new round of rivalry’ between China and Japan?


May 22, 2019, 10:00-11:00


Trainee Centre, room 3.40, Vodární 6


The establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank has had a significant impact on economic diplomacy in East Asia. The AIIB is substantially funded by China, and there are some anxieties that it will come to rival and eclipse the Asian Development Bank, where Japan plays a key role. Will the AIIB trigger off a new round of rivalry in economic diplomacy between China and Japan? Does the AIIB actually have the capacity to ‘squeeze out’ the ADB and diminish Japan’s role? These will be the questions addressed in this working paper.


Shogo Suzuki is Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at the Department of Politics, University of Manchester. His research interests are in Chinese and Japanese Foreign Policy, Sino-Japanese Relations and International Relations theory with reference to East Asia. He has published Civilisation and Empire: China and Japan’s Encounter with European International Society, as well as a number of journal articles on Asian international politics.