dr. Eva F. Nissa

Profesionalisation of Halal Industries in Indonesia And Malaysia

Date & Time

05.04.2023, 10:00 AM CET


Trainee Centre 


Neighbouring countries, Indonesia and Malaysia, are important global players in halal industries. Aspiring to be leaders amongst the halal global players, the two countries are refining their halal ecosystems to strengthen their global halal industry performance. But what does it mean for the local halal industries? Drawing on ethnographic research in Indonesia (Jakarta, Yogyakarta) and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and Selangor), from 2022 to the present, this presentation will focus on the ways in which each country supports local halal industries by initiating professionalisation of the industries. Professionalisation of the industries is evident from the way the two countries standardise halal experts, halal executives and auditors. Halal development institutions in both countries aspire to educate business players, especially micro and small enterprises, about halal not only being about religion but also about industry and market expansion. This halal top-down approach was introduced decades ago, however, professionalisation of industry experts can be seen from 2019 onwards. How do micro and small halal business players respond to professionalisation of the industry? Are there gaps between government aspirations and micro and small industry players? These issues are analysed by focusing on the entangled relationships between standardisation, capitalism, the state and religion in the two largest Muslim-majority countries in Southeast Asia.


Dr Eva Nisa is a senior lecturer in Anthropology in the College of Asia and the Pacific at The Australian National University. She currently holds an Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA). Her DECRA project, Standardising Halal: interpreting the tension between global and local, aims to advance understanding of how halal standardisation has been reimagined in the context of global Muslim cultural diversity. Her research and publications focus on the intersections between religious, cultural, political, economic, legal, social, and philosophical aspects of peoples’ lives. Her book Face-Veiled Women in Contemporary Indonesia was out in September 2022..