Lian-Hee Wee

Tonal prosody

Date & Time

18.5.2023, 1:15 PM CET


Trainee Centre Online


While it is evident to many that tone is a prosodic entity, it remains unclear, to me at least, how one can develop a unified understanding with better known ideas from metrical phonology. This talk offers my reflection on two main sets of the ideas concerning a prosodic treatment of tone: in relation to prosodic wordhood and in relation to domains of tonal patterning. I suggest that for prosodic purposes, tone and stress are the same thing, and I offer a prosodic essence conjecture.


Lian-Hee Wee is Professor of Linguistics at the Hong Kong Baptist University. He has published more than 10 books and numerous articles covering various aspects of linguistics and culture. His recent representative works are Phonological Tone (Cambridge UP, 2019) and Complexity in the Phonology of Tone (Cambridge UP) forthcoming, with Mingxing Li)