Chinese multilateral regional initiatives in the developing world

Date & Time

May 7, 2020


Online via Zoom


There are two intellectual starting points of this research initiative. First, Chinese foreign policy attention towards the developing world has been increasing in recent years, and it might even be at the expense of the attention it pays towards the developed world. Second, the Chinese efforts in the developing world are conducted with different sets of approaches than in the developed world. To be concrete, China utilizes newly created quasi multilateral regional initiatives as umbrella organizations under which it wants to develop comprehensive relations with these countries, such as the FOCAC, China-CELAC, China-Arab forum, or the China-CEE 17+1 platform. Moreover, the Belt and Road Initiative is yet another stage of this process as it seems to be sharing many features with the other projects while expanding it to the (very) broad level.

The suggested research initiative wants to discuss relevant questions related to Chinese regional multilateral initiatives in the developing world from various perspectives, including international relations, political science, comparative politics, international political economy, sociology, foreign policy analysis, social anthropology and others. We encourage authors to consider diverse theoretical and methodological approaches in addressing the issue in hand. Papers can discuss a single case as well as adopt comparative studies of more initiatives. We expect papers to have relevance for the study of Chinese foreign policy and China in international relations.

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